About Us

SIAD civil society organization includes businessmen and entrepreneurs and owners of commercial, industrial, Scientific, and professional distinctive Syrian activities, and seek to develop themselves through cooperative teamwork.
• SIAD organization has a Legal personality and financially and administratively independent and without any political or ideology background.
• SIAD are active in Turkey and abroad where there are members in various countries around the world, currently the number has reached more than 250, companies andactivities.
• SIAD has a main office in Gaziantep and branches in every city of Istanbul and Mersin.
• SIAD seeking to organize and develop the Syrian economic work within the Turkish market and to be supportive and the link between the Turkish market and the Arab market.
• SIAD is working to form an economic grouping, has a common, clear and healthy vision at work, who is building strong relationships of cooperation with Turks industrialists and traders through communication with the both of chambers of commerce and industry, and active associations in this field.