The vision, mission and goals

The Vision

SIAD to be a leader in the care and support the interests and the affairs of Syrian businessmen and entrepreneurs.

Our Mission:

• Provide a form of common work, this work characterized by noble moral, is able to facilitate and develop economic work for Syrians businessmen and entrepreneurs.

The Goals.

Cooperation and integration among the members to achieve the best services among them.
• Work on the marketing of products of Syrian businessmen and entrepreneurs.
• contribute to solving conflicts between businessmen and entrepreneurs through arbitration center.

• unite efforts to communicate with the official authorities to provide better working conditions, and possible, financial and legal facilities for the Syrian investor on Turkish territory.
• To encourage the economic exchange between the Syrian businessmen and entrepreneurs and Turk businessmen and the others.
• overseeing the quality of products and its marketing at the global markets.
• encourage the owners of Syrian capital in the diaspora to invest and create new job opportunities for young.