Statement by the President of the Council




IN the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
Honorable members and visitors:
I am pleased, and on behalf of my colleagues the other members of the Board of the Syrian businessmen and entrepreneurs Organization” SIAD”, to be all in the service of our expansive homeland and Syrian people during this Leading organization, which Caring for the interests and affairs of the Syrian businessmen and entrepreneurs in Turkey and in the Diaspora to be pouring their projects for the benefit of Syrians inside and outside the beloved Syria.
This Organization was created in middle of the year 2015 cause of the urgent need of Syrians traders and industrialists and entrepreneurs is the presence of an Official incubator caring for their business and their affairs, in order to become all within one pot, which express about them and their ambitions and expectations to fight the midst of work in the alienated countries, struggling with language difficulties and laws difference and future open prospects.
Therefore, the members of this organization, who are settled in various parts of Turkey and the Arabic Gulf and through our offices and branches had decided the union within the framework of this organization, we are proud that they had numbered now more than 250 member and active and productive companies and in the various types of industry, commerce, education, technology and, informatics.

We are also proud that they are “on the heart of one man” (in terms) of carrying them the national message, and their cooperation among themselves for the success of their projects and their eagerness to proper ethical approach to work.
 Dear readers ... It is through you browse our website you will be able to know the achievements and services, activities and events that we've made together as an executive management, and as members of the Board of Directors and as respectable members in various fields.
It’s also allows you this site to take a look at our vision and our values and our goals and our mission which we had adopted for march of this blessed grouping since its establishment, which grew out of our firm commitment to support and develop our economy, and our business success.
You can also know, through the Business Directory and products shown in it, the quality and distinction of Syrian product.

We are proud of everything we have achieved from the activities, events and achievements, and strive to continue to progress and growth, putting the future in mind, depending on a group of pillars are built on regular foundations to work, and focus on achieving sustainable development and the quality of services and economic projects.
We seek to build Syria and ask God that employ us for it ....

                                                            M. Khaled bablli              
Chairman of the board of director of the Syrian businessmen and entrepreneurs Organization SIAD