Saad Plast for the production of plastic containers

SaadPlast for the production of plastic containers 
Owner and director general Mr. Bakri Shwehneh 
In the beginning of industrial development in Syria and with the investment capitals direction for industry , Mr. Bakri Shwehneh realized the necessity of keeping pace with this development and the establishment of industrial project based on quality , safety and modernity .
Mr. Bakri Shwehneh decided in 1982 to enter into plastic industry , especially the production of plastic containers and in 1983 , Saad Plast company started production under his management and his instructions…
At the establishment stage , the technical team looked for several sources of plastic machines and the studies at that time concluded that Italy was the best as machine supplier 
The first production of SaadPlast was the baby milk bottles / ABC / in addition to soothers and these products were trusted by the consumers and the trade mark of ABC is available in most pharmacies and is a good choice for the mother.
After that SaadPlast planned to produce plastic containers for pharmaceutical , foodstuff products and cosmetics . These products are trusted by all who tried them and became the first choice for pharmaceutical , foodstuff products and cosmetics producers .
Saad Plast proved its fidelity and the high quality of its products in the Syrian market which gave it the good reputation and wide fame which was a precious account which encourage many Arab countries in addition to Russia m Romania , Yugoslavia to introduce the products of SaadPlast into their markets .
Statistical information : 
SaadPlast products are adopted in Syria by :
85% of pharmacies 
70% of pharmaceutical industry 
60% of the disinfectant and sterilizer industry 
In addition to different percentages of other industriesassociated with the company’s products .

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